Charity & Social Good Training Websites

A website to promote a new triage pathway for COVID-19.

The doctors behind a new triage pathway, TICC-19, developed at a hospital in Reading, wanted to promote their work with the aim of reducing pressure on NHS resources and giving better attention to patients in greater need. They requested a mobile-ready and social-media-friendly website to be developed quickly, with auto-posting to social media and content that can be modified or updated with ease. Notable features: interactive flowcharts and video players.


I approached Ben with the project to build a website with material for clinicians and patients, and the need for this to be up and running within one week. At that time I was working all day every day so I could not oversee the website very directly. Ben had to crack on with this website without my being available to answer questions regarding how it might look. A week later he sent the final draft to me, and I was very impressed. We launched the website ( and it has been very popular. As the pandemic progressed, we needed new material added to the website which Ben duly did. I was impressed with how Ben appreciated that this project was of great importance and could save lives, so worked day and night to get it done. A common remark of our colleagues when we were trying to explain the project to them, was the presence of a professional website.

Now that [the first wave of] the pandemic is over, my senior colleague and I asked Ben to create a second website for us for a project to train clinicians in ultrasound skills. This is quite a niche area of medicine, but Ben went away and read up on the topic so he could grasp what we were looking for. That website was launched within three weeks and is precisely what we were after (

During the last couple of weeks Ben has started work on a fourth website for my aforementioned senior colleague.

I have been impressed with Ben’s reliability and professionalism in building these now four websites. The end results have been very slick. For each of the medical websites there has been a tight deadline, especially for the TICC-19 project.

Dr Joe Nunan
Ultrasound Fellow, Acute Medicine, Royal Berkshire Hospital