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Tom Docherty

A personal profile for an author, poet and literary critic.

Tom Docherty requested a personal profile and bibliography with a bright, classical and clean look-and-feel and a clear focus on his professional interests and works. Notable features: this is a light-weight, custom-coded website with subtle animations to present different sections of content.


I found working with Ben to be a pleasure from beginning to end. He is extremely professional, well-organised, friendly, and approachable. He does not impose his own ideas but is more than capable of offering them. He is prompt about his work and very skilled in delivering it. He is an excellent listener and a hard worker. He is also very detail-oriented and able to adjust things from the smallest to the largest scale. At my request he has kindly offered to assist me in learning to maintain my own website. The quality of his work speaks for itself. I heartily recommend his services, and would certainly avail myself of them in future.

Dr Tom Docherty